Have you ever had the feeling of being claustrophobic when travelling inland? Knowing you’re leaving the ocean behind and all of it’s blue intricate beauty? As long as I see blue in any of it’s subtle hues, I’ll be fine.
There is something about the moisture, the faint taste of salt in the air and the thought of the overall vastness of the great blue sea that creates a sense of bliss; an almost mindful presence. In addition, there are the infinite number of activities the oceans invite us to enjoy; sailing, swimming, diving, surfing, the list goes on..

And so with this, we are doing our part to give back. Coast Bound has partnered with a number of ocean Foundations and will donate 18% of our profits aimed at protecting our coastlines, sea life and ocean resources. When purchasing a Coast Bound, you will not only receive a great accessory but will also be able to designate what foundation you wish to support!

Passionate about helping adopt a beluga whale in the Gulf of St. Lawrence? Or perhaps helping to conserve beautiful untouched islands off the east coast of Canada. Or would you prefer helping protect a network of marine areas surrounding Canada? 

Support our oceans!